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Turning construction sites into classrooms

Calendar Information: Carpentry

Carpentry Project April 2012 - Students at work on house in Ladysmith

This Foundation program covers the basic carpentry and framing skills required in preparation for employment as a carpenter apprentice in the building industry. The program consists of 8 months of full-time study.

Classes are scheduled from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday - Thursday, and students can expect to spend one to two hours a day on homework.  Good attendance is mandatory. A minimum 70% grade average in theory and practical is required to receive a graduation certificate.

Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate from Vancouver Island University for Carpentry Entry-Level (Level I Carpentry Apprenticeship). Graduates of this program may receive credit towards the technical portion of the first year of the Carpentry Apprenticeship program.

Program admissions requirements include Grade 12, or equivalent, or mature student status, minimum 17 years of age, successful completion of assessment testing,  which includes completion of a personal profile, and an interview is required.

Notes on Admission:

  • Physically fit and able to adapt to working conditions.
  • Good hand/eye coordination.
  • Good health, free of vision, hearing or respiratory ailments.
  • Valid driver’s license will be required for vehicle and equipment operation.

This program starts February 2017 and applications are accepted anytime.