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Innovation in Design

VIU is applying for three LEED® credits under 'Innovation in Design' in these areas:

Green Cleaning

Cleaning products used in the Cowichan Campus building are environmentally friendly and chemical free, creating a toxin free environment. VIU has an approved cleaning products list for use across all of our campuses, which includes only products certified under the Environmental Choice/ EcoLogo and Green Seal certification programs.

Education Outreach Program

VIU aims to educate students, faculty, staff and community members of green building practices. Strategies used for this at the Cowichan Campus include:

  • - An interactive electronic dashboard that displays updated information about the building's consumption of electricity, water and gas. The console will also include sustainability information, and green tips.
  • - Signage displayed around the facility that provides information on specific sustainable building features.
  • - A handbook is distributed to all building occupants. This book details the green features of the site and provides information for sustainable operation and maintenance of these features.

Storage and Collection of Recyclables

A comprehensive program for the recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and metals has been developed at VIU. Recyclables are collected as part of a desk-side waste management program that also includes composting. Individual occupants are responsible for collecting their own recyclable materials at desk side and when those are full, removing them to a centralized location for pick up by janitorial staff.

An interactive dashboard displays information about the building's consumption of electricity, water and gas.

Indoor information signage is displayed in the facility.